Caralyn Stone's Demo Reel

Why You Shouldn't Share NFL Stories

From Sorta Best Friends Comedy & Loose Seal Productions

Barmaids The Show - Episode 1

Written by Caralyn Stone, Anna Callegari, and Brett Haley. Episodes 1-5 found HERE

Anti-Bangs PSA by Dolly Sketch Comedy

Popstar - LIVE at Sorta Best Friends sketch show. March 11, 2016 at The PIT NYC

Baby Bump - SRSLY Presented by RACKED, Episode 1

Gone Girl Twist Trailer (No Spoilers) - By Garlic Jackson Sketch Comedy

Do Blondes Have More Fun? - By UCB1

Breaking Up Bad - By Paul Gale Comedy

It's a Freelance Life - By Garlic Jackson Comedy

Yasmin The Show - Halloween Special